Mounting the backpack has some crucial advantages for the bird and falconer compared to all other mounting versions.


  • Backpack mounting has proven to have better flight properties in flight dynamics and hunting behaviour in comparison with all other mounting methods.
  • Injuries and damage to the thoracal feathers are thus completely excluded.
  • The animals’ behaviour is generally not affected by transmitters mounted in backpacks, a fact demonstrated by studies carried out in many research institutions.
  • In professional circles, such as the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital and ornithology, backpack mounting has proven to be ideal and future-oriented.

Technical benefits:

  • The best antenna alignment for transmitting and receiving
  • Very easy to mount and unmount the transmitter
  • Safest transmitter position on the falcon’s body

Rucksackmontage mit Gurten unter dem GefiederTestflug3


Test flights with satellite transmitter & radiotelemetry