Interactive registration form for AST Connections/UK

When purchasing your RAPTOR system, the registration form is usually in the case.

We recommend registering the system with the provider, AST Connections/UK, described below.
You can find more information on AST Connections at

You can also download the interactive registration form at any time here.



 Notes on commissioning RAPTOR in Russia.

Iridium service in Russia could be disrupted unless you register your Iridium device with Iridium’s Russian affiliate, Iridium OOO.

Registration is possible only through your service provider or by going to, a website owned and operated by Iridium OOO.

If you have any questions or concerns about registration, please contact your service provider or Iridium OOO or visit*

*Iridium Communications Inc. provides a link to the Iridium OOO registration website as a courtesy to our valued subscribers. Iridium Communications Inc. does not provide and is not responsible for the registration process or the registration website, which is separate from