Track your falcon outdoors around the world with no kilometre restrictions, almost in real time with the specially developed handheld device.


  • Pre-installed RAPTOR software (full version)
  • Voice-guided road navigation
  • Outdoor navigation with directional arrow
  • Tracking function via GPS satellite
  • Bi-directional data exchange with the falcon transmitter via communication satellites
  • Language selection:
    Arabic, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish, Russian
  • Night design (backlit buttons)
  • Patented button design
  • Special double optical anti-glare display panel




Technical Data:

Processor806 Mhz
Memory cardMicroSD for navigation maps
Display4.3", transreflective WVGA display
GPS receiverSirf-Star IV, sensitivity -163dBm
Battery run timeup to 5 hours in standby,
up to 10 hours with 2nd battery set
Battery3x 3.7V Li-ion - AA
Battery charging timemax. 6 hours
InterfacesMini-USB (for SW or firmware updates)
Sizel=162 mm, w= 85 mm, d=32 mm
Weight330 grams, excl. batteries
Protection ClassIP54, splash protected
Approval testsFCC, IC, UL, CE, Safety, EMV, global radio approval



Information from the falcons:
Key information such as position, distance, speed, battery status, GPS signal, time, date, altitude and also your own altitude are clearly laid out on the large screen.

The World Base Map:
Thanks to the unique World Base Map, you can display the falcon’s position and your own at the same time, … if necessary over the entire globe.

The – FIND WAY BACK – function:
Should you lose orientation when tracking your falcon, the – FIND WAY BACK – function will guide you back to your vehicle.

Two adjustable transmission modes:
The falconer knows his falcons best, and also knows the best way to find his lost birds again.
For this case, we developed two sophisticated yet simple adjustable transmission modes together with falconers.
1) Transmission at fixed time intervals (6 mins – 360 mins).
2) Transmission at fixed times for three days, can be flexibly adjusted.

Tracking up to three falcons at the same time:
The RAPTOR can reliably monitor and track up to three falcons at the same time.

Display and display screen:
We were able to achieve a 20% improvement in transmission by opting to avoid touch screen technology.
This means we achieved the best readability of the displayed information, e.g. when skies are overcast with white clouds, under the strongest sunlight or reflections from white clothing on the display screen.
We used one of the technologically best current displays, perfectly matched with one of the highest quality, double anti-reflective screens.