RAPTOR combines innovative satellite technology with an unlimited range
and easy operation to create a unique falcon tracking system.


RAPTOR – the next generation of falcon tracking

The falcon is a proud and graceful hunter with a will of its own.
It will never be fully tamed. It’s for precisely this reason that we developed the world’s first locating system with unlimited range.
You can track and locate your falcons anywhere in the world thanks to our unique dual satellite positioning system.
From now on, falconers need no longer worry about the distance their falcons are from them.
The back-mounted transmitter reliably sends the falcon’s precise
GPS position to the falconer’s handheld device for up to four days.
The falconer can then find his way to the falcon using the integrated navigation software on roads but also off-road through wooded areas, mountains or deserts.

RAPTOR – the device revolutionising falcon tracking.

The range: unlimited


Locate your falcons in just a few
minutes anywhere in the world.

You don’t need to worry about
the distance between falcons and
falconer any more with RAPTOR.
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The transmitter: high performance


The ultra-light carbon-fibre transmitter
boasts a standby time of up to 96 hours.

Thanks to the special high-power LEDs,
the transmitter can be seen with the
naked eye at night within a range
of at least 1,500 metres.
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The satellite technology: a new standard

We are going a completely new way from all other systems with the dual satellite technology applied to falcons for the first time.

By using two satellite systems, your falcon is not only located via satellite, its location is also transmitted to you via satellite.

This is a process also used in the military.
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The handheld device: self-explanatory

1_Handheld Home Einzeln

… amazing functions.
The handheld device,
developed by German engineers,
boasts a sophisticated design and
a deliberately simple operating system.

The handheld device not only leads
you reliably to your falcon, but also
back to your vehicle.
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