The latest falcon location technology

Dual satellite technology with GPS and Iridium Communications

RAPTOR uses the 24 NAVSTAR GPS satellites on the one hand and 66 Iridium Communications satellites on the other to collect and transmit data from the falcon to your handheld device.

These independent, global satellite systems are used to continuously track the falcon’s position.
The falcon’s transmitter calculates the precise position of the falcon (1) using the GPS satellite system (black) and sends it (2) reliably via the Iridium satellite system (3) (brown) to the handheld device (4).

The US military, space exploration and airlines use Iridium.

Asperium is a selected official partner of Iridium Communications and is entitled to use the satellite system without restriction.

Iridium has the only communications satellite system of its kind, which spans the entire globe like a spider’s web, promising and guaranteeing secure network coverage
24 hours a day, 7 days a week,

Iridium Communications LLC network coverage