The very highest quality carbon fibre materials were used for the hand-made transmitter casing,
giving the transmitter great design as well as brilliant stability.



Technical Data:

Gross weight31.8 grams
Number of position reportsup to 45 and more – depending on mode and temperature
Battery run timeup to 96 hours / 4 days – depending on mode and temperature
BatteryLiPo - 200 mAh
Battery charging timemax. 40 minutes
Charging and programming interfacestandard - Micro-USB
Activation/deactivationvia magnet (short contact with the handheld device)
GPS receiverSirf-Star IV, sensitivity -163dBm
Dimensions63mm x 41mm x 19mm (torso)
Protection ClassIPx4, splash protected
Approval testsFCC, IC, UL, CE, Safety, EMV, global radio licence


The design:
In terms of falcons’ body geometry, we designed an aerodynamic casing that remains neutral at
flight speeds of up to 270km/h and faster.

The casing:
The transmitter casing is made from stable, ultra-lightweight CARBON (CFK), providing ideal
protection for the integrated electronics against outside forces such as the enormous puncturing
jaw strength (210kg) of falcons.

The radius monitoring:
The transmitter can optionally be set so that it starts transmitting only from a specific distance (e.g. 500 metres).
This means the transmitter will become active only when the falcon has actually flown too far.
This avoids unnecessary costs and also saves battery life.

The high power LEDs:
The four high power LEDs mean you can quickly identify your falcon yourself, even from 1,500 metres away.
The LEDs are reflected particularly well in shrubs or leafy trees. This makes it significantly easier to find your falcon,
especially at dusk or night.

Application to the falcon:
The transmitter is easy and quick to fit, with a specially designed clasp on the commercially available backpack systems.
Removing the transmitter is just as simple.