Unlimited range between you and your falcon … that’s what we mean with RAPTOR!

Your falcon can now theoretically put hundreds or even thousands of kilometres between you and it. Its precise position will be displayed for you on the handheld device – even if it’s on the other side of the globe – which of course won’t happen – data transmission for this distance is, however, no problem for RAPTOR.

This means
that you don’t need to panic if the falcon flies further away – the data connection remains in place.

Hills are now also no longer a problem, even mountain ranges, the deepest desert or in the middle of the ocean – where other telemetry devices fail, RAPTOR won’t let you down. RAPTOR has a full range of reception and data connection.

RAPTOR will find your falcon – it’s a reality!

As an additional service, you can also have your falcon’s positional data sent to up to four email addresses of your choice – in real time.
This means that, after the falcon has transmitted its position, you will be able to view the news via email or on your handheld device within around 2 minutes.
You could therefore observe your falcon around the world from the comfort of your own home, using Google Earth.