The manufacturer assumes the statutory liability applicable at the time of purchase for material and manufacturing defects.

The warranty period is limited to 1 year. In the case of defects, Asperium shall have two opportunities to exercise the right to rectify or, at Asperium’s option, replace.
Warranty claims for material defects shall be excluded insofar as the damage can be attributed to the customer contravening operating, maintenance and installation instructions, inappropriate or improper use, faulty or negligent handling or improper treatment or processing. Asperium shall be liable only for damages for defects and consequential damages in the case of intent or gross negligence. This shall not apply to injury which endangers life, body, or health, nor in the case of a guaranteed characteristic. Liability under the product liability law shall remain unaffected, including as regards the limitation period.

The equipment is screwed together and in some cases bonded with adhesive. Any attempt to open the housing to make modifications, alterations or unauthorised repairs will lead to the immediate invalidation of the warranty and can irreparably damage the equipment. The warranty shall also become null and void in the event of misuse, incorrect use, destructive forces acting externally upon housing and antennas and general damage to the equipment or accidents. The warranty does not cover wear and tear of the device or transmitter. This is particularly true for buttons, rubber parts, covers, display screens and moving parts.

Please note in particular the care instructions for the special anti-reflection display screen (see Cleaning the equipment in the manual).

The manufacturer may also reject warranty claims for damage caused by incorrect handling such as use in the context of water, dust, extreme temperatures, corrosion, oxidation and chemical substances. This is particularly true if rubber parts are handled or positioned incorrectly and this causes dust and/or water to penetrate the device.

To make a warranty claim, please submit your claim in writing to your Asperium dealer or contact Asperium directly at or

For warranty repairs, always enclose a copy of the original purchase receipt as proof of ownership. Warranty claims may be made only by the initial purchaser of the product. Upon receipt of your claim, you will receive all further information regarding the processing of your warranty claim.

Shipping, transport, packaging and travel costs must be borne by the purchaser.

Special notes:

Please use the RAPTOR system only if you are aware of all eventualities, including the following, and you also accept them.

RAPTOR offers a highly effective means of locating your falcon and other birds or animals.
In rare cases, due to technical restrictions such as radio signal disruption, a lack of GPS coverage or Iridium network coverage, location or navigation attempts may fail.
Asperium expressly points out that it accepts no liability and will pay no damages for any missing or lost animals. Liability or damages relating to a lost transmitter are also excluded, regardless of the manner in which the transmitter was being used.
If conditions occur while the devices are being used that do not comply with the specifications prescribed, faults can occur.

Information on GPS and Iridium satellite signals
Reception of GPS and IRIDIUM satellite signals is required to navigate and to send or receive messages with the handheld device and transmitter. Communication with Iridium is permanently available from any location on the Earth’s surface if there is a clear line of sight to the sky in all directions from an elevation angle of 8.2°. To ensure flawless, uninterrupted communication with Iridium, no object may interfere with the line of sight to the sky from this elevation angle. A clenched fist with a horizontally outstretched arm applies as a rule of thumb, i.e. no object should extend into the sky beyond the clenched fist. In locations with objects that break the rule of thumb, such as in a deep ravine, disconnections may occur. Even shrubs, trees, house and hut walls can interfere with the Iridium communications. In a very deep ravine, in which the sky is visible only at its zenith, communications would be impossible for 120 minutes in the worst case, as no Iridium satellite would be in view during this time period. Due to the rotation of the Earth, however, an Iridium satellite would be in the zenith within around 120 minutes.

If you are indoors, near to or between high buildings, in gorges, under trees, in cornfields or underpasses, in heavy fog, rain or snowfall, the handheld device and transmitter may receive no or only limited satellite signals. If this occurs, move to a location that offers you an unrestricted view of the sky or wait until the weather situation improves.
The NAVSTAR GPS system and Iridium Communications satellite system are provided by operators in the United States of America who are solely responsible for their function, availability, maintenance and accuracy. The systems may therefore be subject to changes at any time that may affect their function, accuracy and performance.
The RAPTOR system is independent of these satellite services, and so Asperium cannot be held responsible for the availability and reliability of the satellite systems.

Prerequisite for using RAPTOR with birds of prey
Asperium expressly prohibits the use of the system if there is any (implied) threat to the animal or species. Asperium insists that the equipment is used only by experienced people who are appropriately trained and have the necessary technical expertise to do so.

Using the system while driving
In order to avoid endangering yourself and other road users, do not use the handheld device while driving. Use it only when the car is stationary. If you fail to avoid these potentially dangerous situations, you may cause an accident or crash that can result in serious injuries or even death.

User Manual
The User Manual is part of the product. Please note all content, particularly the warnings and safety instructions.
Failure to observe these instructions can lead to damage to the equipment, and this may invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.
Asperium performs software updates to make operating your equipment easier. It is also possible that functions may be modified or added as part of a software upgrade.
The latest User Manual is available as a PDF download at

The Iridium network offers worldwise coverage.
Iridium complies with U.S. embargo restrictions and as such is prohibited from providing products and service to the following countries:
Taliban controlled Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria and Sudan.
Since this is beyond Iridium’s control, each country is different and regulations may change without notice; it is best to check with the local Consulate or Customs offices for current details.